Atana Holding (Atana Medical Equipment) specializes in medical equipment quality control and calibration, hospital equipment consulting, organizing and conducting medical equipment training courses, medical equipment repairs, medical equipment quality control and calibration, and the sale of various calibrators.

About Atana

The word “Atana” is a Turkish word composed of two parts: “Ata,” which means father, and “Ana,” which means mother.

The founders of Atana Holding began their activities in 1392 (Hijri Shamsi calendar, equivalent to 2013 in the Gregorian calendar). This holding is proud to have obtained over 300 licenses from reputable centers in the country, equipped with the latest facilities, and employing experienced specialists and experts in the fields of commerce, production, supply, repair, after-sales services, periodic inspections, industrial and laboratory calibration, quality control, medical and hospital calibration.

Licensed by:

  • National Center for Qualification Approval of Iran (ISO 17025 certificate)
  • Medical Equipment Department of the Food and Drug Administration (Calibration, Repair, and After-Sales Services)
  • Calibration of Radiation Devices
  • Technical and Vocational Organization of the Country (Specialized Industrial and Medical / Electronic Calibration Training Institute)
  • Tehran Province Standards General Office (Periodic Inspection of Weighing and Measurement Instruments, Fuel Stations, Classifying Weights, and Commercial Meters)
  • National Metrology Organization of Oman (Calibration with Traceability to International Standards)

Obtained Certificates:

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