Atana Holding (Atana Medical Equipment) specializes in medical equipment quality control and calibration, hospital equipment consulting, organizing and conducting medical equipment training courses, medical equipment repairs, medical equipment quality control and calibration, and the sale of various calibrators.

Consultation for Healthcare Facilities' Equipment

Atana Equipment Consultation Group, relying on its experiences and scientific background in the field of medical and healthcare equipment, operates in a science-centric environment. It provides consultation services for the optimal procurement and utilization of medical, laboratory, imaging, therapeutic, and rehabilitation equipment in medical/diagnostic centers. This holding is a member of the working group for the formulation of accreditation checklists for healthcare spaces at the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education.

Some of the measures taken by this group for consultation include:

  • Preparation of desired share allocation tables in private sector hospitals.
  • Design and standardization of diagnostic/therapeutic spaces.
  • Provision of required electrical and mechanical needs for equipment installation and commissioning.
  • Design of medical gas central system.
  • Design of Laundry and Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) systems.
  • Development of related software and specialized systems.
  • Introduction of suitable medical equipment for each department in healthcare centers.
  • Consultation services for improving equipment usability and efficiency, replacing outdated equipment with modern ones.
  • Proper user training on hospital systems setup.
  • Introduction of medical equipment companies with suitable after-sales services.
  • Introduction of systems and equipment compliant with international standards and certifications.
  • Consultation and procurement of consumable and semi-consumable equipment for various medical and hospital departments.
  • Consultation services in the field of laboratory equipment and chemicals for research centers.
  • Introduction of various systems and equipment for medical equipment calibration.
  • Implementation of hospital accreditation projects.
  • Preparation of technical files and administrative procedures for obtaining manufacturing licenses.

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